Alphabet Numbers

Alphabet Numbers

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This game help your kids learn Alphabets, Numbers, in a fun way. Kids can practice the basics of ABCs (letters) and the Numbers (1-100) using this Game.

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Alphabet Numbers Mania games increases child skills & interest in learning new things in a fun way

Game Play:

Arrange the Alphabet and Numbers in order. Drag the letters in to suitable empty box and follow the given arrows.
If needed, click Idea (Bulb) button to know the sequence of the letters
Toddlers who want to learn Alphabet and Numbers go to LEARN page and learn in fun way
We update Numbers and Spellings and More….Levels soon….

Alphabet Numbers Mania Features :

Phonological awareness of the Alphabet and Numbers from 1 to 100.

Play levels and learn Alphabet and Numbers in a sequence

Easy to play but challenging to master

Play anywhere anytime: Internet is not a must

Completely FREE Alphabet Numbers Mania game